Acacia Cognata – ‘Mini Cog’



Botanical Name: Acacia Cognata

Common Name: ‘Mini Cog’

Acacia Cognata ‘Mini Cog’ is a compact shrub/groundcover which has become popular in landscape design for its attractive weeping year round coloured foliage. Throughout Spring ‘Mini Cog’ displays a bouquet of vibrant yellow flowers, adding to the already striking appeal.
‘Mini Cog’ prefers positions of full sun to part shade, well draining soils and moderate waterings. This vigorous shrub will tolerate sandy and loamy soils, light frosts and dry periods. Growing to around 1m high and 1.5m wide ‘Mini Cog’ is suited to container planting, boarders and edges, courtyards, patios, mass plantings, park and street plantings as well as can be used in bonsai.

Pot Size: 140mm

Price: $15.00


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