Callistemon Citrinus ‘Burgundy’



Botanical name; Callistemon Citrinus ‘Burgandy’

Common name; Burgundy Bottlebrush

A hardy, easy to grow native shrub with densely lanced leaves. Producing deep red cyclindrical shaped bottlebrush flowers, throughout Summer. The Burgundy Bottlebrush is an excellent shrub to have in your garden for attracting wildlife, such as Birds, Bees, Butterfly’s and other insects.

The Burgundy Bottlebrush is fast growing, growing to 3m high and 3m wide. Position in full sun to encourage denser and fuller flowering. Soil conditions should be kept moist and well drained. The Burgundy Bottlebrush is adaptable to clay, loamy and sandy soils.

Burgundy Bottlebrush is used in native, coastal and modern landscape designs as a hedge, screen and windbreak.

Burgundy Bottlebrush is available in store in 200mm pot sizes for $10.


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