Casuarina Glauca- Cousin It



Botanical name- Casuarina Glauca

Common name- Cousin It

Cousin It’ is a hardy native grass/groundcover with a cascading growth habit. Making it an attractive feature plant on retaining walls, rocky slopes and embankments. It is useful for use in erosion control and suppressing weeds. ‘Cousin It’ is versatile to differing soil conditions and can tolerate the hardiest of positions, enabling it to be planted and thrive in areas unsustainable to most other plants. Making it additively  useful in growing over unsightly pipes, stumps and other obstacles in garden and landscape areas.

Cousin It’ prefers full sun and will tolerate varying soil conditions, providing soil is free draining. For optimum growth little water requirements are needed once established and a light prune will help to maintain a shapely appearance as well as applying a general all purpose fertiliser throughout the growing season to give an added health boost.

‘Cousin It’ grows to around 60cm high and 1m wide.


Pot size- 200mm

Price- $25


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