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Leacadendrons are an attractive foliaged plant to add an all round vibrancy of colour to garden boarders and in containers around entertaining areas.
As there are an array of differing varities to choose from the choice is vast as to which Leucadendron is right for your garden.
Leucadendrons are native to Australia and withstand the harsh Australian climate and contrasting weathering conditions.
They are extremely hardy and tollerate full sun well. They need moderate watering whilst establishing themselves and once established are drought tolerant.
Leucadendrons are versatile to soil conditions. Dependant upon the varitie of Leucadendron they are able to grow in well drained sandy, lite- heavy soils.
They flower from Spring through to Summer and are popular in floral arrangments.
Overall the Leucadendron is a hardy low maintenance plant to consider when next planning your garden or landscape design.

Pot Size: 200mm

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